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by Ahnand

at first I was like 'well, that's a very cute Goodra fanart' but then I noticed several original details, then as I zoomed in, I realiz...

by wdeleon

the species is a rarely seen one in anthro, and as such, it's a very refreshing piece, the pose has it's good and bad bits it is a clas...


Full Colour
full color commission! inquire via note



A voice cried out for help

Cianwood island, year 530A.M. seventh moon, sixth day,13:00,

word spread on the west inn about a missing boy, his family had been looking for him and resorted to seek help at the place more likely to have willing help, their call went unanswered.

Kusumesh never once heard a thing while he was drunkenly arguing about why azelf is a beter god than registeel

Molala, well her ears where busy being grabbed and being under a table isn’t good for listening to cries of help

Daiki heard the call but felt it was best for him to stay in town to watch over his sisters and let someone else take care of it as he cheered on the dancer on stage

Billee… well they decided not to interrupt her arm wrestling winning streak as the rowdy zangoose nearly broke the table with the arm of an unfortunate pangoro


Same day - 23:20 - a rainy jungle somewhere else on the island

“M-mommy? Daddy?” The shaky voice of a young deerling cried out into the darkness…

“Anyone… help…”

But nobody came.

Cian D20 experiment!
Today Saturnday 15:00, central time (-06:00gmt) broadcasted on picarto ( ),  four characters, pick one and finish a mini-quest,  the objective/enemies/terrain perils/costs don't change, however the chosen character WILL affect the outcome greatly, it'll play out on an actual tabletop grid, audience gets to choose actions, NPC's are entirely controlled by random dice, however the character may influence their reactions greatly

player dice/NPC dice will be rolled in plain sight, however certain NPC rolls will be obscured from the camera until the players have taken their choice

potential ideas for playable characters:

Kusumesh[Male Skiddo]   -healer cleric
Molala[Female Marill]      -feral pokemon tamer
Daiki[Male Lopunny]       - hunter (bow/arrow)
Billee[Female Zangoose]  -berserker brawler

game itself will ocurr within parallel universe with no respercusion to actual existing canon,    there'll be only two chances to finish the quest,   if a character dies or becomes fully incapacitated in any way, players may select a second character, if both become unable to go on, it's a game over

remember picarto has a phone app, even if you don't want to spend data, you can follow the chat to keep up with the action


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